Daftar Beasiswa Pascasarjana Di Australia

Australia menjadi negara yang banyak dituju untuk melanjutkan pendidikan pascasarjana, banyak mahasiswa Indonesia yang menimba ilmu di negeri kanguru tersebut melalui beasiswa yang diperoleh dari berbagai sumber. Berikut daftar beasiswa pascasarjana di Australia yang dapat menjadi referensi.
Daftar Beasiswa Pascasarjana Di Australia
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Pemerintah Indonesia

  1. BPI LPDP (S2, S3; General)
  2. Beasiswa Luar Negeri DIKTI (S2, S3, hanya PNS; General)
  3. Beasiswa Unggulan Dosen Indonesia (Untuk S3, hanya untuk dosen; General)

Pemerintah Australia

  1. Australia Awards (S2, S3; General)
  2. International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (S2, S3; General)
  3. APEC Women in Research (Fellowship) (perlu S3, wanita, post-doc; General)
  4. Endeavour Cheung Kong Research Fellowship (S2,S3; General)
  5. Endeavour Research Fellowships (S2, S3, Postdoc; General)

Australian Capital Territory

Australian National University
  1. ANU College of Business & Economics International Undergraduate Scholarship & Award (S1; economics, business, accounting, commerce)
  2. Vice-Chancellor's Undergraduate Scholarship for the Diplomatic Corps in Australia (S1, orang tua harus bertugas sebagai diplomat di Australia; General)
  3. ANU College of Business & Economics International Graduate Scholarship (S2; economics, business, accounting, commerce)
  4. Dennis Griffin Piano Masters Scholarship (S2; Music)
  5. Hedley Bull scholarship (S2; International Relations)
  6. T.B. Millar Scholarship (S2; Security Studies)
  7. ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science International Postgraduate Excellence Scholarship (S2; Computer Science and Engineering)
  8. Agent Based Modelling Scholarship (S3; archeology)
  9. Stephen & Helen Wurm PhD Scholarship (S3; Culture, History, Language)
  10. ANU HDR Supplementary Scholarship (S3; General)
  11. ANU Master of Philosophy Scholarship (S2; General)
  12. ANU PhD Scholarships (S3; General)
  13. ANU Tuition Fee Scholarship - MPhil (S2; General)
  14. ANU Tuition Fee Scholarship - PhD (S3; General)
  15. HDR Fee Remission Merit Scholarship (S3; General)
  16. NICTA PhD Scholarships (S3; Engineering, information sciences, mathematical sciences)

University of Canberra
  1. Dean’s International Scholarship Program (S2; General)
  2. University of Canberra International Sports Courses Scholarship (S1; Sport science, sport media, sports management)

New South Wales

Charles Sturt University
  1. A&K Gestier Veterinary Scholarship (S1: 4th/5h/6th year Bachelor of Veterinary Biology or Bachelor of Veterinary Science)
  2. Ann Gwynn-Jones Memorial Scholarship (S1: Bachelor of Stage & Screen (Acting))
  3. Blair Milan Memorial Scholarship (S1: 3rd year Bachelor of Communication (Theatre/Media))
  4. BOYCE Chartered Accountants Scholarship (S1: Bachelor of Business (Accounting) or Bachelor of Business Studies (Accounting))
  5. Capital Chemist Scholarship (S1: 3rd/4th year Bachelor of Pharmacy with/without Honours)
  6. Celia Bevan Gerontology Scholarship (S1: Bachelor of Nursing or Bachelor of Health Science (Occupational Therapy/Podiatry/Speech Pathology) or Bachelor of Speech & Language Pathology or Bachelor of Physiotherapy or Bachelor of Social Work or Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) or Bachelor of Psychology)
  7. Charles Sturt Foundation (S1: Any major)
  8. Charles Sturt Foundation Community Health Scholarship (S1: Bachelor of Physiotherapy or Bachelor of Occupational Therapy or Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine or Bachelor of Health Science (Podiatry/Occupational Therapy/Speech Pathology) or Bachelor of Speech & Language Pathology)
  9. Charles Sturt Foundation Honours (S1: Any major with Honours)
  10. Charles Sturt Foundation Paramedics Scholarship (S1: Bachelor of Clinical Practice (Paramedic))
  11. David Banks Memorial Sky News Scholarship (S1: 3rd year Bachelor of Arts (Television Production) or Bachelor of Stage & Screen (Television Production)
  12. Dr John Reid Scholarship (S1: Bachelor of Accounting or Bachelor of Business (Management/Marketing) or Bachelor of Business Studies or Bachelor of Computing Studies (Business))
  13. Dr Oliver & Mrs Heather Fiala AM (S1: Educational Studies)
  14. FC Pye Rural Australia Foundation (S1: Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management or Bachelor of Agricultural Science)
  15. Fitzpatrick's Real Estate Scholarship (S1: 2nd / 3rd / Honours Bachelor of Business (Management) or Bachelor of Business Studies or Bachelor of Accounting or Bachelor of Computing Studies (Business))
  16. Frangopoulos Family Scholarship (S1: Bachelor of Communication (Journalism)
  17. Bachelor of Communication (Advertising/Public Relations) or Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations)  or  Bachelor of Business Studies or Bachelor of Sports Studies / Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) or Bachelor of Communication (Advertising) / Bachelor of Business (Marketing))
  18. Ian Cook Memorial Sky News Scholarship (S1: Bachelor of Sport Studies / Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) double degree or Bachelor of Communication (Journalism))
  19. International Tuition Payment Scholarship (ITP) (S2, S3: Any research major)
  20. J H Chalmers Memorial Veterinary Science Scholarship (S1: 3rd year Bachelor of Veterinary Biology/Bachelor of Veterinary Science (double degree))
  21. Kevin Dickson Memorial Scholarship (S1: 2nd Year Bachelor of Pharmacy or Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours))
  22. Lila Kirilik Human Services/Social Work Scholarship (S1: 2nd / 3rd / 4th Year Bachelor of Social Science (Social Welfare) or Bachelor of Social Work)
  23. Lodge Chelmsford Masonic Scholarship (S1: Bachelor of Criminal Justice - Bathurst)
  24. Mark Smyth Memorial Scholarship (S1: Bachelor of PhysiotherapyBachelor of Occupational TherapyBachelor of Health Science (Occupational Therapy/Podiatry/Speech Pathology)Bachelor of Podiatric MedicineBachelor of Speech & Language Pathology)
  25. Mr Gerry Baber & Mrs Helen Baber OAM Scholarship (S1: Any major)
  26. Norske Skog Paper Mills Scholarship (S1: Bachelor of Environmental Science (Conservation Management/Catchment Management) or Bachelor of Applied Science (Adventure Ecotourism/Parks, Recreation and Heritage))
  27. Peter Andren Memorial Scholarship (S1: Bachelor of Communication (Journalism/Commercial Radio/Theatre Media) or Bachelor of Sports Studies/Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) (double degree))
  28. Peter Gissing Scholarship (S1: Bachelor of Pharmacy)
  29. Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (NSW) Scholarship (S1: 3rd year Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours))
  30. Professor John Carroll Memorial Scholarship (S1: 2nd year Bachelor of Communication (Theatre/Media))
  31. PRP Dubbo - Taya Freeth Memorial Scholarship (S1: 3rd year Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Medical Imaging) (with specialisations))
  32. Radio 2BS Scholarship (S1: Bachelor of Communication (Commercial Radio))
  33. Reliance Credit Union Business Scholarship (S1: 1st year Bachelor of Accounting or Bachelor of Business (Management/Marketing) or Bachelor of Business Studies or Bachelor of Computing Studies (Business)
  34. Rennylea - The Future in Livestock Scholarship (S1: Animal Sciences)
  35. Sam Phillips Memorial Scholarship (S1: Final year any major)
  36. School of Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health Distance Education (S1: 2nd year Bachelor of Nursing)
  37. Seven Network Scholarship (S1: 1st year Bachelor of Communication (Journalism))
  38. Sir David Brand Scholarship (S1: 2nd year Bachelor Agricultural Business Management)
  39. Teachers Mutual Bank Scholarship (S1: 1st year Faculty of Education major)
  40. The AK & IA Sutherland Scholarship (S1: Final year Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours))
  41. The Angel Family Trust Scholarship (S1: 1st year Bachelor of Medical Science)
  42. The INZ Group Scholarship (S1: 2nd/3rd/4th/Final year Bachelor of Business (Management/Marketing) or Bachelor of Business Studies or Bachelor of Communications (Advertising) / Bachelor of Business (Marketing) or Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations) / Bachelor of Business Studies
  43. The Riverina Anglican College Scholarship (S1: Final year Bachelor of Education (K-12/Technology and Applied Studies)
  44. The Vinten Scholarship (S1: 2nd/3rd year Bachelor of Arts (Television Production) or Bachelor of Stage and Screen (Television Production))
  45. Tim Durick Memorial Scholarship (S1: 2nd/3rd year Bachelor of Communication (Theatre Media))
  46. Vice-Chancellor International Scholarship (S1, S2, S3: Any major)
  47. VP Bragg Bequest Trust Fund Scholarship (S1: 1st year Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management or Bachelor of Agricultural Science)
  48. WA Farmers Scholarship (S1: 2nd/3rd year Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management)
  49. Wagga Agricultural College Old Boys' Union (WACOBU) Scholarship (S1: 2nd/3rd/4th year School of Agriculture & Wine Sciences major)
  50. Westwood Eco-Agriculture Scholarship (S1: Bachelor of Ecological Agricultural Systems)
  51. Westwood Sustainability Scholarship (S1: 2nd/3rd/4th year School of Environmental Science major)
  52. White Family Scholarship (S1: 3rd year Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary/K-12)

Macquarie University
  1. Vice-Chancellor's International Scholarship - ASEAN (S1, S2, S3: Engineering, Environment, Human Science, Media, Linguistics, and Education)
  2. Macquarie University ASEAN Scholarship (S1, S2: Coursework major)
  3. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Scholarship (S1, S2, S3: Policy, Engineering and Business)
  4. FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Scholarship (S1: Engineering (Honours), former FIRST® participants)
  5. Global Allianz Fund (S1, S2, S3: Health and Medical Sciences)
  6. Vice-Chancellor's International Scholarship - Big History (S1: Any 4 year major, Have completed “ Big History: Connecting Knowledge MOOC” COURSERA course)
  7. MGSM scholarships and awards (S2: MBA or Master of Management)

Southern Cross University
  1. Neil Leiper Tourism Honours Scholarship (S1: Bachelor of Business in Tourism and Hospitality Management, with Honours)
  2. Peter Baverstock Research Career Path Honours Scholarship (S1: Any degree with Honours at Lismore, Gold Coast or Coffs Harbour)
  3. Ralph Barclay Braun Memorial Scholarship (S1: Bachelor of Science with Honours at National Marine Science Centre)
  4. Southern Cross University Business and Information Technology Honours Scholarship (S1: Bachelor of Business with Honours or Bachelor of Information Technology with Honours)

University of New England
  1. PVCR Completion Scholarship (S3: Any major)
  2. UNE PVCR Indonesian Postgraduate Agricultural Research Award (UNE PIPARA) (S3: Agricultural and Agribusiness research)
  3. UNE International Postgraduate Research Award (IPRA) (S2, S3: Any research major)

University of New South Wales (UNSW)
  1. Art & Design International Coursework Scholarship PGCE1002 (general; Art and Design)
  2. Joseph Barling Fellowship PGCA1011 (general; Business)
  3. Ben Lexcen Sports Scholarships UGCE1043 (for current UNSW students)
  4. OVRF-Maki Shiobara Scholarship PUCA1005 (general; Science)
  5. David Trimm Scholarship in Chemical Engineering UGCA1432 (general; Engineering)
  6. Bill Pardy University Challenge Award UGCA1034 (general)
  7. David Garlick Memorial Award UGCA1076 (general, Medical)
  8. Marcus Cohen Memorial Award PGCA1018 (general; Business)
  9. Sam Cracknell Memorial Sports Scholarship UGCE1013 (general)
  10. Dr Charles Kettleborough Award in Mechanical Engineering UGCA1555 (general)
  11. Howard Bequest Undergraduate Awards UGCA1553 (undergraduate)
  12. The E & FJ Cowper Undergraduate Award in Chemistry UGCA1061 (Undergraduate; Chemistry)
  13. Lee Whitmont Award in Marketing UGCA1141 (general; Marketing)
  14. Faculty of Law Postgraduate Coursework Academic Excellence Scholarships PGCA1066 (Postgraduate, Law)
  15. Juris Doctor (JD) Scholarship for International Students PGCA1039 (Doctor; law)
  16. UNSW Business School International High Achievers Scholarship UGCA1435 (general; Business)
  17. UNSW Law's USP Graduate Travel Award PGTR1007 (general; Law)
  18. Lily and Dr Ben K.C. Chng Scholarship UGCE1129 (general; Built Environment)
  19. Elias Duek-Cohen Urban Design Award UGCA1063 (general; Built Environment)
  20. H.C. and M.E. Porter Memorial Scholarship UGCA1035 (general; Science)
  21. David Walsh Memorial Scholarship UGCA1064 (general; Medical and Science)
  22. Peggy Bamford Award UGCA1216 (general; Art and Social Sciences)
  23. Lindsay Robertson Memorial Award RPTR7001 (general; Built Environment)
  24. Wightman Bequest Built Environment Master of Architecture PGCA1068 (Master; Architecture)
  25. Commissioner Hoffman Urban Design Award PGCA1001 (general; Built Environment)
  26. Reg Smith Master of Architecture Award PGCA1063 (Master; Architecture)
  27. Ronald Lu Travelling Scholarship in Architecture UGTR1017 (general; Architecture)
  28. Planning Workshop International Award RSEX7016 (general; Built Environment)
  29. Berk Family Award UGCA1053 (general; Built Environment)
  30. John Haskell Award PGCA1054 (general; Built Environment)

University of Newcastle
  1. Dr Susan Lim Scholarship in Medicine (undergraduate; Medical)
  2. Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment Global E3 Exchange Scholarship (undergraduate)
  3. Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment Golden Jubilee Commemorative International Scholarship (undergraduate)
  4. Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment International Alumni Family Scholarship (general)
  5. Juris Doctor (JD) Scholarship (Doctor; Law)
  6. Shaping Futures Scholarship (facing educational disadvantage)

University of Sydney
  1. International Development Scholarship (ADS) (general; undergraduate)
  2. Dr Abdul Kalam International Undergraduate Tuition Fee Scholarships (Faculty of Engineering & Information Technologies; undergraduate and Doctorate)
  3. Faculty of Architecture Dean’s International Merit Scholarships (Bachelor of Design)
  4. Michael H Rathgeber Scholarship (general)
  5. Sydney Uni Sport and Fitness Scholarship (general; represent for Sydney Uni Sports Club)
  6. Sydney Scholar Awards (general; undergraduate)
  7. Vice-Chancellor International Scholarships Scheme (general)
  8. Australia Awards Leadership Program (AALP) (general; postgraduate)
  9. Business Leader Postgraduate Scholarship (Business school; postgraduate)
  10. Endeavour Awards Program (general)
  11. International Postgraduate Coursework Scholarship (faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)
  12. International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (faculty of science)
  13. International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IRPS) (general)
  14. Master of Human Rights and Democratization (Asia Pacific) Scholarships (Master; Human Rights and Democratization)
  15. University of Sydney International Scholarships (USydIS) (Postgraduate research degree; general)
  16. Walter Mersh String Scholarship for Papua New Guinea (Master; Agriculture, Public Health, International Public Health, Education and Social Work)
  17. Wigram Allen Scholarships for Juris Doctor (Doctor; Law)

University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)
  1. ABRS National Taxonomy Research Grants (Postdoctoral; Taxonomy and Systematics)
  2. ABRS National Taxonomy Research Student Travel Grants (Master and PhD; Taxonomy and Systematics)
  3. BUiLD Travel Grants (undergraduate; general)
  4. Business Exchange Travel Agent (general; Business)
  5. Business Honours Scholarships (Honours program; Business)
  6. Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia (CCAA) Scholarship (PhD; Construction Materials)
  7. Design-Ied Approach to Drive Sector Wide Innovation and Impact PhD Scholarship (PhD)
  8. Dr Chau Chak Wing Scholarships (Master)
  9. Endeavour Australia Cheung Kong Research Fellowship (Postgraduate)
  10. Endeavour Executive Fellowship (general; Business, Industry, Education or Government)
  11. Engineering Masters Scholarship for Outstanding International Students (Postgraduate; Management and Technical)
  12. Engineering International Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship (Undergraduate; Engineering)
  13. International Exchange Programs Student Grant (Engineering and Information Technology)
  14. Humes (Holcim) Australia Scholarship (Construction Materials research)
  15. Information technology Honours Scholarships (Bachelor of Science in IT)
  16. Information Technology International Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship (Undergraduate; IT)
  17. Information Technology International Masters Scholarship for Outstanding International Students (Postgraduate; IT)
  18. International Academic Excellence Award (Postgraduate)
  19. International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) (Postgraduate research)
  20. Jack Greenland Travelling Scholarship (Design, Architecture, and Built Environment)
  21. MBA Scholarship for Outstanding International Students (Postgraduate; Business Administration)
  22. PhD Scholarships-The Magic Lab-APA Scholarship (PhD; Human-Robot Interaction, Social Robotics, Knowledge Representation, Machine Learning for Robots, Practical Foundations of Decision Making under Risk and Uncertainty)
  23. PhD Scholarships in Advanced Battery Technology (PhD; Electro materials)
  24. PhD Scholarships in Device Engineering, Electron Beam Chemistry and Nanophotonics
  25. PhD Scholarships in Vision Sciences, Discipline of Orthoptics (School of Health)
  26. Quentin Bryce Law Doctoral Scholarships (Doctor of Philosophy; Law)
  27. Sue Connor Scholarship-Muscular Dystrophy NSW (PhD; Neuromuscular)
  28. UTS-Rail Manufacturing CRC Scholarship-Big Data Analytics for Condition Based Monitoring and Maintenance (PhD)
  29. UTS Aung San Suu Kyi Child and Maternal Health Care Scholarship (Postgraduate research)
  30. UTS Business School Doctoral Scholarships
  31. UTS International Research Scholarships (Postgraduate research)
  32. UTS New College Clarendon DPhil Scholarship (general)
  33. UTS PhD Scholarship-Building a Knowledge Tank for Rail Infrastructure Maintenance through Data Analytics (PhD; Data Mining)
  34. UTS Presidents Scholarship (Postgraduate research)
  35. UTS Science Diploma to Degree Scholarship (Undergraduate; Science)
  36. UTS Science International Scholarship for Excellence (Postgraduate Coursework; Science)
  37. UTS Science International Scholarship for Excellence (Undergraduate; Science)
  38. UTS ithree Institute PhD Scholarships (Infectious diseases in humans and animals)
  39. UTS: INSEARCH Doctoral Scholarship (PhD; Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing or Health Economics)
  40. UTS: INSEARCH to UTS Pathway Scholarship (Undergraduate)
  41. Undergraduate Academic Excellence Awards (general)
  42. Zonta: Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship (Undergraduate and Master; Business management)

Western Sydney University
  1. Honours Scholarship (S1; Any Bachelor Honours Program)
  2. International Academic Excellence Scholarship (S2; New Students in September intake;  Master of Accountancy, Master of Business Administration)
  3. Medical Rural Bonded Scholarship (S1; First year medical students, must commit 6 years of rural practice and postgraduate training; Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)
  4. NSW Food Authority (Food Regulation Partnership) Scholarship in Environmental Health (S1; continuing students; Bachelor of Natural Science (Environmental and Health), Bachelor of Science (Honours))
  5. Research Scholarships and Awards - Main Round Scholarship (S2 & S3; general research project)
  6. Research Scholarships and Awards - Project Scholarship (S2 & S3; company/government project-based research)
  7. Vice Chancellor’s International Academic Excellence Postgraduate Scholarship (S2; New Students in September intake;  Master of Accountancy, Master of Business Administration)
  8. Vice Chancellor’s International Academic Excellence Undergraduate Scholarship (S1; Any 3 year CRICOS registered undergraduate degree (does not apply to Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery), for July intake)
  9. WeirAnderson Foundation Scholarship for Women (S1; must be female and living in Western Sydney, demonstrate financial hardship)
  10. Zonta Club of Sydney Hills Inc. Scholarship (Foundation Studies; must be female, preferably mature age or single parents)

University of Wollongong
  1. Undergraduate Excellence Scholarships (S1; general excluding Medicine & Surgery, Nursing, Science (Nutrition or Exercise Science), Nutrition & Dietetics, Exercise Science & Rehabilitation, Social Work, and Psychology)
  2. Faculty Merit Scholarships (S1; general excluding Medicine & Surgery, Nursing, Science (Nutrition or Exercise Science), Nutrition & Dietetics, Exercise Science & Rehabilitation, Social Work, and Psychology)
  3. 2017 Sydney Campus International Student Bursaries (S2; Master of Applied Finance, Master of Business, Master of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration Advanced, Master of Science (Supply Chain Management and/or Project Management))
  4. Sydney Business School Partial Tuition Scholarship (S2; must have an unconditional offer to study a Masters program with Sydney Business School)
  5. Research Scholarship Opportunities (S2 & S3; general)

Northern Territory

Charles Darwin University
  1. Vice-Chancellor’s International High Achievers Scholarships (S1 & S2; general)
  2. Tuition Fee Discount for Siblings (S1, S2, & S3; must provide satisfactory evidence to prove the sibling relationship; general)
  3. International Research Scholarships (S2 & S3; must be undertaking study in one of the University’s research priority areas)
  4. Study in Australia’s Northern Territory Scholarships (S1 & S2, must have obtained an offer of admission)
  5. Prestigious International Research Tuition Scholarships (S3; general)


Bond University
  1. International Student Scholarship (S1 & S2; general but excluding Bond University’s Medical Program, Master of Psychology, dan Doctor of Physiotherapy)
  2. EAP3 Scholarships (S1 & S2; general but excluding Bond University’s Medical Program, Master of Psychology, dan Doctor of Physiotherapy)
  3. Bond Business School Postgraduate Bursaries (S2; Master of Accounting, Master of Accounting Professional, Master of Actuarial Practice, Master of Actuarial Science, Master of Actuarial Science Professional, Master of Business, Master of Business Professional, Master of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration Professional, Master of Finance, Master of Finance Professional, Master of Financial Management, Master of Financial Management Professional)
  4. Excellence Scholarship (S1; general excluding Bond Medical Program)
  5. The Padma and Hari Harilela Bursary (S1 & S2; general excluding Bond Medical Program)

Central Queensland University
  1. Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship (All; general)

Griffith University
  1. Griffith International Undergraduate Excellence Scholarships (S1; general)
  2. Griffith International Postgraduate Coursework Excellence Scholarships (S2; general)
  3. International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (S3; general)

James Cook University
  1. N/A

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
  1. Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship (Academic) (S1; general)
  2. Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship (Elite Visual and Performing Arts) (S1; elite visual and performing arts)
  3. Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship (Creative Industries) (S1; Creative industries)
  4. Radio 4EB.FM Ethnic Scholarship (S1, S2; journalism)
  5. Triple Crown Scholarship (S1, S2; business)
  6. International Merit Scholarship (S1, S2; science and engineering)

University of Queensland
  1. Centenary Scholarship (S1; general)
  2. Foundation Year Scholarships for Outstanding Indonesian Students (Foundation; General)
  3. Full-time (12 Month) MBA Scholarship (S2; general)
  4. International Student Scholarships (All; general)
  5. IT Package Scholarships (S1, S2; IT)
  6. Sir James Foots Undergraduate Scholarships (S1; engineering)
  7. TC Beirne School of law Scholarships (LLM) (S2; law)
  8. The GRM International Undergraduate Scholarship in Social Science (Development) (S1; social science)
  9. The University of Queensland Arts Scholarship (S1; arts, music, international studies)
  10. The University of Queensland Economics Scholarship (S1; economics)
  11. The University of Queensland Information Technology and Electrical  Engineering (ITEE) Scholarship (S1; IT, electrical engineering)
  12. The University of Queensland Social & Behavioural Sciences (SBS) Bursary (S1; psychology, social science, communication, journalism)

University of Southern Queensland
  1. Faculty of Business Postgraduate Equity Scholarships (S2; business)
  2. International Postgraduate Research Scholarhip (S2, S3; general)
  3. Robin Yong Scholarship for International Students (S1; general)
  4. USQ Postgraduate Research Scholarship (S2, S3; general)
  5. Vice-chancellor's International Postgraduate Scholarships (S2; general)
  6. International Postgraduate Research Scholarhip (S2, S3; general)
  7. Student Scholarships for Business Masters Programs (S2; business)

University of the Sunshine Coast
  1. International Postgraduate Research Scholarhip (S2, S3; general)
  2. Student Scholarships for Business Masters Programs (S2; business)

South Australia

Carnegie Mellon University
  1. Academic Merit Scholarships (All; general)

Flinders University
  1. Australian Awards Scholarships (undergraduate or postgraduate; general)
  2. Australian Awards Fellowships (short term opportunities for study, research and professional programs; general)
  3. Australian Awards Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships (for vocational education (VET) at a diploma, advanced diploma or associate degree level; for postgraduate study, research and professional development, general)
  4. ACER International Student Scholarship for Business (AISS) (undergraduate; Business degree)
  5. MBus/MBA/MAcc/MAF Partial Fee Scholarship (Master; Students applying for entry into the Master of Business (MBus), Master of Accounting (MAcc), Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Accounting and Finance (MAF) programs)

Torrens University Australia
  1. 2017 Alumni Scholarships (Diplomas, Degrees, Masters, Graduate Diplomas, and Graduate Certificates (only for alumni of Torrens University Australia, Billy Blue College of Design, CATC Design School, APM College of Business and Communication, William Blue College of Business and Hospitality, Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, Australian National College of Beauty (ANCB), Australasian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT), Southern School of Natural Therapies, Jansen Newman Institute ); design, business, health, sport, and hospitality).
  2. The Vice-Chancellor Scholarship  (general; general)

University of Adelaide
  1. Adelaide International Undergraduate Scholarships (AIUS) (undergraduate; Available for study in any discipline except Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), Bachelor of Oral Health and Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Bioscience))
  2. Adelaide Graduate Research Scholarships (exclusively to University of Adelaide recent graduates to continue their education via a Masters or Doctorate degree by research; general)
  3. Adelaide Scholarships International (general, general (research))
  4. ARC Funded Postgraduate Scholarship (Postgraduate; Pure mathematics (geometry, functional analysis, topology and representation theory))
  5. Enlightenment Phd Scholarship (PhD (only for The University of Nottingham (Plant Sciences, Inorganic chemistry, Food Science and Medicine), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Plant Sciences and Medicine), Nagoya University (Medicine and Biomedical Engineering), Albert-Ludwig’s-University, Freiburg (Cancer Research),North Carolina State University, Institute for Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Chemical Engineering)); Doctor of Philosophy degree)
  6. English Legal history Scholarship (PhD; PhD in the School of Law (English Legal History))
  7. International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) (Postgraduate; Postgraduate Research in areas of University research strength)
  8. South Australian Indonesian Global Food Scholarship (PhD (citizen of Indonesia and be residing in Indonesia at the time of application); Postgraduate research in the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Global Food and Resources leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Global Food Studies.  The research focus should be on food production systems and value chain issues between South Australia and Indonesia.)
  9. University of Adelaide and the Institute for Process Engineering (CAS) Research Program Scholarship (PhD; The projects on offer for 2016 are: Hydrodynamics of a solar hybridised dual fluidised-bed gasifier , An Efficient, Site-specific Conjugated Vaccine Development System, Developing novel multifunctional sun care materials base don nanotechnology, Development of New-generation Lithium-ion Batteries Based on Complex Metal Oxide Nanomaterials for Electric Vehicles, or Nanobiocatalytic Preparation of Chitooligosccharidesas Biocides in SA Agriculture.)
  10. Endeavour Postgraduate Awards (Masters & PhD (coursework or research in any field), general)
  11. Australia Awards Scholarships (general, general)

University of South Australia
  1. Vice Chancellor's International Excellence Scholarship (undergraduate or postgraduate (by coursework) degree; general)
  2. International Merit Scholarship (general, general)
  3. MORA (Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA), Indonesia) Sponsored Students (Research programs (Masters and PhD); Education, 
Environmental Science, 
International Studies,
Languages and Linguistics, 
Library Studies, 
  4. Endeavour Awards (general; general)
  5. International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) (Postgraduate; general)
  6. University President's Scholarships (UPS) (Postgraduate; general)
  7. International Research Tuition Scholarship (IRTS) (Postgraduate (Research); general)
  8. Research Themes PhD Scholarships (PhD; general)
  9. Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre (D2D CRC) PhD Scholarships Expression of Interest (PhD; Research Area: Data Storage and Management, Data Mining and Social Media Analysis, Visualisation, Novel Human Computer Interactions)
  10. Inflammatory Response to Biomaterials (PhD; Research Area:  Inflammation, Biomaterials, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Materials Engineering)
  11. International Centre for Muslim and Non-Muslim Understanding (PhD; Research Area: Muslim diasporas and youth, Middle East and reconciliation, Indian Ocean Rim regional problems)
  12. PhD Scholarship in Applied Spectroscopy (PhD; Research Area: Optical Physics, Engineering (Photonics and Electro-Optical Engineering), Infrared Spectroscopy, Minerals Processing)
  13. The William T Southcott Scholarship (PhD in the field of practical engineering; Research Area: Advanced manufacturing engineering or a related discipline)
  14. Australia Awards Scholarships (general; Research must relate to a priority development area and satisfy the criteria established for each country
  15. Australian Federation of Graduate Women (Postgraduate research, study or training (women only); general)
  16. Australian Grape and Wine Authority Scholarships (Masters and PhD (research); Research Area: Wine and viticulture)
  17. CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarships (PhD; CSIRO priority research areas)
  18. Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship (part of Endeavour Awards) (Postgraduate (Masters and PhD); general)
  19. National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) – PhD top-up scholarships (PhD; Economics, social sciences, NCVER national priorities)
  20. National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) – postgraduate research paper funding round (Postgraduate; Economics, social sciences, NCVER national priorities)
  21. Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future Fellowships (PhD (for female and are a citizen of a developing country or emerging economy); physical sciences, engineering, technology and related disciplines)


University of Tasmania
  1. International Scholarship (S2, S3; general)
  2. Tasmania National Undergraduate Scholarship (S1; medicine)
  3. Tasmania University Scholarship (S1; general)


Deakin University
  1. Deakin University International Scholarships Program (S2, S3; general)
  2. Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarships (S2, S3; general)
  3. International Postgraduate Student Bursaries (S2; business, law)

Federation University of Australia

  1. International Excellence Scholarship (S1, S2; general)
  2. Executive Dean's International Scholarship (S1; health)

La Trobe University
  1. Civil Engineering Scholarship (S1; civil engineering)
  2. Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering Scholarships (S1; engineering, science)
  3. Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering Scholarships Masters (S2; engineering science)
  4. Graduate School of Management - Scholarship Program (S2; management, business)
  5. International Postgraduate Research Scheme (S2, S3; general)
  6. La Trobe University Department of Computer Science & Computer Engineering (All; computer science, computer engineering)
  7. La Trobe University Fee Remission Research Scholarship (S2, S3; general)
  8. La Trobe University Postgraduate Research Scholarships (S2, S3; general)
  9. Scholarships for the Master of Financial Analysis Suite of Programs (S2; finance)

Monash University
  1. Business and Economics International Pathway Scholarship (S1; business and economics)
  2. Elton PhD Scholarship in Jewish Studies (S3; arts, history)
  3. Engineering Excellence Awards (S1; engineering)
  4. Engineering International Undergraduate Award (S1; engineering)
  5. Faculty of Information Technology International Merit Scholarships (All; IT)
  6. Faculty Research Scholarships (S3; general)
  7. Kartomi PhD in Music Scholarship (S3; music)
  8. Monash Gippsland Industry Placement Scholarship (S1; general)
  9. Monash International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (S2, S3; general)
  10. Monash Jazz Music Scholarship (All; music)
  11. Monash Sport Scholarships (S1; general)
  12. Monash University International Scholarships for Excellence (All; general)
  13. Monash Vice Chancellor's Honours-PhD Scholarship (S3; general)
  14. Monash Yoshida Scholarship (S1; langauge)
  15. Monash-Pratt Musician Performance Scholarship (S1; music)
  16. Pharmacy International Undergraduate Merit Scholarship (S1; pharmacy)
  17. Science International Merit Scholarship (S1; science)
  18. Centre for Engineering Leadership and Management Scholarship (S1; engineering leadership and management)

RMIT University
  1. Boeing Scholarship (All; aerospace)
  2. International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (S2, S3; general)
  3. PhD Research Scholarship - Quantifying Uranium Minerals (S3; mining engineering)
  4. PhD Research Scholarship Chemical Sensors / Materials Sciences (S3; material science)
  5. RMIT University International Research Scholarship 2017 (S2, S3; general)
  6. School of Computer Science and IT International PhD Scholarship (S3; computer science)
  7. School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Research Scholarship (S2, S3; electrical engineering, computer engineering)
  8. Smart Services CRC Master by Research Scholarship (S2, S3; electrical engineering, computer engineering)
  9. Victorian International Research Scholarships Program (S2, S3; general)

Swinburne University of Technology
  1. Chancellor's Research Scholarship (S2, S3; general)
  2. International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (S2, S3; general)
  3. Lilydale Scholarships (S1; general)
  4. Sir Edward 'Weary' Dunlop Scholarship (All; general)
  5. Swinburne Research Scholarships (S2, S3; general)
  6. Swinburne University Postgraduate Research Award (S2, S3; general)
  7. Tuition Fee Scholarship (S2, S3; general)
  8. Vice-chancellor's Research Scholarship (S2, S3; general)

University of Melbourne
  1. A.G Whitlam Graduate Scholarships (S2; business and economics)
  2. A.G Whitlam International Undergraduate Partner (S1; business and economics)
  3. Alma Hansen Scholarship (S2, S3; arts)
  4. Asian Development Bank - Japan Scholarship Program (S2; general)
  5. Beaney Scholarship in Pathology (S2, S3; medicine)
  6. Chancellor's Scholars - Copland Program (S1; business and economics)
  7. DOI: Women in Science, Engineering, Technology & Construction Scholarship (S2, S3; engineering)
  8. Environmental Graduate Study Awards (S2; environmental studies)
  9. Faculty Research Scholarship (S3; business and economics)
  10. Felix Meyer Scholarships in Obstetrics & Gynaecology (S2, S3; medicine)
  11. Gordon-taylor Scholarship (S2, S3; medicine)
  12. Graduate Merit Scholarships (S1, S2; business and economics)
  13. International Postgraduate Coursework Awards (S2; general)
  14. International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (S2, S3; general)
  15. International Undergraduate Scholarships (S1; general)
  16. May Stewart Bursary (S2, S3; medicine)
  17. Melbourne International Fee Remission Scholarships (All; general)
  18. Melbourne International Research Scholarships (S2, S3; general)
  19. Melbourne Research Scholarships (S2, S3; general)
  20. MMI-CSIRO Materials Science PhD Scholarship (S3; engineering, material science)
  21. R b McComas Research Scholarship (S2, S3; medicine)
  22. The Gilbert Rigg Scholarship (S3; engineering)
  23. The Human Rights Scholarship (S2, S3; arts, social science)
  24. The John and Olga Lawless Ziegler Scholarship (S1; agriculture)
  25. The Melbourne International Research Scholarships (S2, S3; general)
  26. University of Melbourne Research Scholarship (S2, S3; business and economics)
  27. Viola Edith Reid Bequest Scholarship (S2, S3; medicine)
  28. The Dean's International Management Scholarship (S2; business)

University of Victoria
  1. International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (S2, S3; general)
  2. VU Postgraduate Research Scholarships (S2, S3; general)

Western Australia

Curtin University
  1. Amelia Earhart Fellowship 2012 (S3; engineering)
  2. CBS International Innovation Scholarship (S1; business information technology)
  3. CBS International Innovation Scholarship (S1; IT)
  4. Curtin International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (All; general)
  5. Future Teacher Scholarship (S1; education)
  6. Gus Archie Memorial Scholarship (S1; engineering)
  7. Information Systems Scholarship Programme (S1; IT)
  8. International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (S2, S3; general)
  9. Seizan Fukami Fund (S1; language)
  10. Sunway AUSMAT (WACE) International Scholarship (S1; general)

Edith Cowan University
  1. Australian Postgraduate Award (S2, S3; general)
  2. Cancer and Palliative Care Research Scholarship (S2, S3; medicine)
  3. Edith Cowan University International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (S2, S3; general)
  4. Edith Cowan University Postgraduate Research Scholarship (S2, S3; general)
  5. FireWatch PhD Scholarships APA(I) (S3; science)
  6. PhD Small Business Research Scholarship - APA(I) (S3; business)
  7. Research Master Degree Scholarship (S2; general)

Murdoch University
  1. International Postgraduate Research Studentship (S2, S3; general)
  2. Murdoch International Postgraduate Studentship (S2, S3; general)

University of Western Australia (UWA)
  1. Atricia Crawford Research Award in History (S2, S3; humanities)
  2. Charles and Annie Neumann Scholarships in Agriculture (S2, S3; biology, zoology, agriculture)
  3. Combined Adrienne Marshall English Scholarship and Barry Marshall Science Scholarship (S1; science)
  4. Dean's Postgraduate Award Scheme (S2, S3; arts, social sciences)
  5. Faculty International Undergraduate Scholarship in Engineering, Computing and Mathematics (S1; engineering sciences)
  6. International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (S2, S3; general)
  7. Pathcentre Postgraduate Research Scholarship (S2, S3; medicine, biomedical science)
  8. Scholarships for International Research Fees (S2, S3; general)
  9. WA CSIRO University Postgraduate Scheme (S2, S3; engineering, earth science)


Australian Catholic University
  1. Australian Catholic University International Student Scholarship (S1, S2, S3; General)

University of Notre Dame Australia
  1. N/A

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